The Finish



Major Brian Joseph James Scholarship

I want to quickly thank everyone for their donations and support throughout this process. With your help, we were able to start a scholarship in our father’s name for the 2013-2014 school year. I’ll post more details later, but I wanted to let everyone know that we succeeded not just in finishing the race, but in raising enough money for the scholarship. Happy Holidays!


Hurricane Sandy heads to DC with us

Christy, Mom, Kate and Baylee head to the Marine Corps Marathon Expo to pick up our race day packets while the rest of us sit and wait to see where the storm will hit and how it will impact our exit strategies. If you can’t make it to the expo or the race yourself, you can have someone pick up your packet and t-shirt – whether you want to let them run under your name, your delayed until tomorrow, or you just want your bag. All you need to do is download the packet release form found here (works for the marathon and 10K).

After the expo, the family will head to the MCSF team dinner in Alexandria. We’ll post pictures throughout the day and keep you updated with all the pre-race happenings. We couldn’t be more thankful for your support over the past several months. THANK YOU.

Tunnel to Towers 5K

Hello New York City! I felt so fortunate when I was asked to go to NYC to run a 5K with Freedom Alliance. Similar to the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation, the Freedom Alliance Scholarship fund provides college scholarships to the sons and daughters of U.S. military personnel who have been killed or permanently disabled on duty. It is such a remarkable foundation with amazing people! Together with three other scholarship recipients and our team leader, we ran the Tunnels to Towers 5K as one amazing team.

Eleven years ago, firefighter Stephen Siller had just finished the late shift at Squad 1 in Park Slope, Brooklyn when he heard on the scanner that a plane crashed into the World Trade Center. The Brooklyn Battery Tunnel had been closed to traffic so Siller put on all his gear and ran to the World Trade Center. Siller lost his life that day. In order to honor the FDNY, all the 343 firefighters and all first responders who sacrificed their lives that fateful day, we retrace Siller’s footsteps from the tunnel to where the twin towers stood. Over 25,000 people participated and there were people and firefighters from all over the world!

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Two Weeks!

Let the two-week countdown begin! We’re celebrating because mom is in a smaller cast, which means her chances of running have increased 🙂  I’m pretty sure you’ll see her and her Marine Corps red cast out there.

To make a donation to the MCSF through our running team or one of our runners, click here

Coping with a setback

With only twenty-nine days left to train for the MCM and MCM 10K, we face our first major setback. Last Saturday Mom broke her wrist in two places while ATVing at the flying circus, a place we normally love and enjoy without any pain.

Other than the ENORMOUS pink cast on her arm and some scratches to the face, mom is A-OK. She’ll be in a smaller cast in two weeks, but we don’t know how well she will be able to run come race day (though she will try). For now, her training is limited to walking and weight-lifting – other training tips are much appreciated 🙂

To make a donation to the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation through our running team, click here.