There are a million different proverbs based on the theory that getting to the gym is the hardest part of a workout. I couldn’t agree more and because I run outside three out of four seasons, I find it really hard to literally “get to the gym” in the winter.

For me, the hardest part about starting a winter workout is finding all the pieces that make up a workout ensemble. Sure, I hate on the girls that go to the gym with a ton of makeup on, but I also know that feeling good about yourself at the gym is just as important as feeling good about yourself at work. Not only do I think a cute outfit helps me get to the gym, but I think it helps me stay there longer and push harder. This could be because there are giant mirrors strategically placed all over my gym that force me to stare at myself, or it could be because of the confidence booster.

Disagree with my cute outfit theory? Well, why does gear like this exist:

“Minimalist” Shoes

I’m dying for this cute outfit, thumb holes…ugh, can it get any better than that?

See, even The Tarahumara pull it together

Of course wanting to look cute at the gym is also my greatest weakness. Because

One: I can’t afford to go to Lulu Lemon every other week for a cute outfit. So, in the winter I have to alternate between two pairs of running pants. (Do you know what happens if both of those pants are in the washer when I want to go for a run…game over.) I will not wear workout shorts in the winter because I refuse to freeze on my walk to the gym.

Two: I have trouble finding a workout shirt that isn’t really wrinkled or stained (not sweat stains, come on guys).

Three: Stupid hair ties. There are some days when I hunt for a hair tie like I’m in an Easter egg hunt. There have been days when I’ve become so frustrated trying to find a hair tie that I have seriously given up and not gone to the gym. I swear I buy new hair ties all the time and they just keep disappearing.

Four: Jacket dilemma. My gym is literally across the street from where I live and walking there in the winter can be dreadful. Of course I have to wear a real jacket and not my running jacket if I’m going to leave the house. There have been several times when I’ve put my North Face back on after a workout and then put it on the next day and…well…it doesn’t smell nice.  😦

Solution: I’m going to try to make getting ready easier on myself by laying out my workout clothes the night before I plan to get up early and run or in the morning before I go to work so my gear is lying there in my face when I get home. Another thing that helps, not sitting on the couch once I am dressed.

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