Hi. I’m Christy, and I used to be a really awesome runner.

Exhibit A

Finishing the Chicago marathon… in 83 degree weather.

Then, this past September, I got married. And it all went to shit.

Exhibit B

The picture of health, at my bachelorette party this summer (double-fisting Coronas and screaming Bon Jovi will NEVER be part of a training program. But it was pretty awesome).

What happened? Well, a whole lot of excuses. While planning our wedding, I was always “way too stressed to go for a run”, or I had to “order flowers for like FIVE HUNDRED PEOPLE!” Or my favorite excuse, “What if I trip and break my leg and I won’t be able to walk down the aisle and my life will just basically be over?” That’s reasonable.

I swear I’m not some dumb, deluded bride. I really do love to run. I wrote about how much I love it for almost 2 years, I work for a health and fitness publication, I’m convinced that everyone should run a marathon at least once in their life, and I almost blacked out when Lululemon had a warehouse sale last weekend (not entirely related, but still…we’re talking $20 running pants).

Most importantly, I don’t actually believe that I’m a “fat wife.” I guess I’m just starting to feel like the runner that I was is trapped inside me. Trapped inside all of my silly excuses, and trapped under a false conviction that I won’t be able to “do it” if I get back out there. If there’s one truth I’ve learned as a runner, it’s that it is NEVER too late to start. Even if you’re starting for the second time.

A promo from one of my favorite fitness campaigns

So here I go, lacing up my shoes (I really need a new pair, by the way) and throwing out the old excuses… well, except for the “it’s soooo cold” excuse. Because, really, it IS so cold in Chicago. All the time.

See you out there.