Thinking about running is much harder than actually running; this may be why I haven’t posted till now. However, after a few nudges from family members I thought it proper to enter the panopticon and blog about the interconnections between running, my family, and the Marine Corps. Pretty straight foreword…Maybe.

It seems that everyone is moving at their own speed lately. Perhaps it is through school, the workplace, location, significant others, family communication, etc. We are all moving differently in each of these spheres trying to stay as connected as when all six of us were elbowing for room during our daily summer bbq’s. Long past these daily occurrences we have found that running, strangely enough, enables a virtual and physical space where we can stay connected. Further more, it’s for a good cause.

Obviously one would think it’s out of remembrance for our father, yet that couldn’t be more wrong. Remembrance requires a pause in life to reflect on what was. We are not still in this life. No, we have never been still in that sense. We are running to progress. To become stronger mentally, emotionally, and physically. We are running because we are too old, too young, or too busy to do such things. We are running because those who remember have already forgotten. We run because we live what others simply remember.