As most of you know, we are running for a cause. Yesterday we launched our team fundraising page through the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation. We are hoping this will assist us in raising enough money to establish a scholarship through the MCSF in our father’s name.

The scholarship will assist an undergraduate student  in paying his/her tuition. It takes $5,500, but the student will be the son/daughter of a parent who was killed or wounded while on duty. YOUR donation will contribute directly to this scholarship. (and yes you will receive tax documents and a thank you letter).

Our father was a Marine Corps test pilot and NASA astronaut candidate in the 90’s, but he died while test flying the V-22 Osprey in 1992 before being able to fulfill his dream of becoming an astronaut. When it was time for me to head to college, the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation was there and helped me pay for my tuition at UNC-Chapel Hill (and Kate’s at ECU and Kyle’s at Towson).

If you are able to contribute, please visit our fundraising page and consider making a donation to the foundation. We have a team page and individual pages. All donations go to our team’s cause, but if you want to donate to someone specifically in order to support him/her morally in training, just click his/her name!

Please forward the link to our fundraising page along to people you think may be interested in contributing. Any amount helps, even a dollar! (But please don’t make a contribution if you can’t afford it! Instead, send us an encouraging message or come out to support us in October!)

We will be posting a thank you to all of our contributors here. Check out who has helped so far!