I’ve finally gotten back into a running routine (right now it’s 3-4 miles, 4 times a week… warming up reeeaal slow) and it feels pretty awesome. It’s crazy that just a few weeks ago I was sitting on the couch thinking about how much it was going to suck to get back on the treadmill or actually go outside for a run. But in all honesty, it was really easy to fall back into these healthy habits. I’m actually looking forward to my runs again. And it’s a nice feeling.

Training for any type of race can be intimidating. Knowing you have to build up to a certain distance, understanding how to fuel your body, wondering if you can even find the time to do it all in a healthy way… it can get tough. But what keeps me going is seeing how positively my body responds to even the smallest amount of running. The way my muscles ache the day after a long run, the amount of quality sleep I get with a regular training routine, the way my quads transform so quickly into the strong runner’s legs I used to have. It’s almost like my body is telling me, “Yes! Keep doing this! It’s so good for us!” And isn’t it funny how one healthy decision can influence another (isn’t that a Cheerios commercial or something? Sorry for the cheesy-ness, it’s early)? When I’m running regularly, I eat better, sleep better, and tend to say “No” if someone offers me a fifth beer on a Friday night. Well, at least sometimes. You can’t be good all the time (ahem… St. Patty’s day countdown).

So here’s to being good most of the time, to getting back into a routine, and to unseasonably warm Chicago weather. Happy Saturday!!!

Hoping to get my shoes looking like this again… well worn and ready for action.