Hello all! First post here – husband of the eldest James daughter and a self-described disciplined, routine runner who hates to run. I do however, love the way running physically makes me feel, therefore I try to partake in the act as much as I can. Doing so helps keep endorphins high during those bitter, dark winter months in Chicago and allows me to eat deep-dish pizza and Big Star tacos year round, without worrying too much about ballooning up into a fat version of Chandler from Friends. On a serious note, I am very proud to be running to support the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation, specifically in honor of Brian James – a Father that never got to put me through the ringer as I courted and eventually married his first kid and someone whose life accomplishments and legacy continue to impress those whose lives he touched and even those who had never met him.

I fall into that latter category. This is the least I could do to express my gratitude to someone who brought my wonderful wife into this world and helped shape a family that I’ve grown to care so much for and call my own. So, when Christy and Erin approached me, asking if I would run on the MCSF team in DC and contribute to the “James Tribe” blog, I didn’t really think twice and replied, “Count me in”. I’ve seen both Christy and Kyle complete the Marine Corps Marathon – twice – and being married to a marathon runner changes your outlook with regard to running long distances. In my head I believe that I am capable of running 5K’s or 10K’s or even marathons. And then after agreeing to join the team, reality sets in and I fully realize that I’ve never really run more than 4 miles in my life. I’m the kid that took 15 minutes to run a mile in grade school and battled through childhood asthma. That’s the camp I’m in. To reiterate, I run to keep healthy and chase away hangovers. I’m not the guy who tracks pace or hangs out at Lululemon salivating over the latest metal vent tech zip pullovers. This should be interesting.

So how will I be contributing to the blog over the next 6 months and why should you read my posts? If it weren’t for music and my incredible Bose IE2 headphones, I wouldn’t be able to run, period.

(Pick these up already!)

 For as long as I can remember and the James family will attest here, I’ve had this voracious urge to take in music of every genre, collect it in numerous formats, see it live, tour with bands, create lasting friendships that evolved from music – it’s what I live for. I hope to contribute playlists regularly in this online forum and share what keeps me motivated to run, when I’d much rather be drinking beer at Lincoln Hall or making nachos. I also hope to document the Terrapin 5K in Grant Park during “Jerry Week” in August. 2012 has already been a big Grateful Dead year for me – but don’t worry, I’ve been listening to tons of indie, hip hop, jazz, folk, and metal too. I wish I was at SXSW right now.

I’m a different breed of the “James Tribe”. While I definitely won’t be able to offer much helpful advice about how to shave minutes off your race time, I may be of assistance when it comes to providing a fresh soundtrack to make you feel a little bit lighter in your step. More to come soon and excited to share!