…I am a mom.

That’s right, I can do 11 loads of laundry in a day and I can cook a meal that will feed a small army and still have leftovers for the late night crawlers (Kate & Kyle) to raid the fridge at 2AM.

So why at the age of 52 am I attempting to run a 10k? Well, on the registration form I put “because my kids are making me!” But what makes them or me think that I can actually do this…

I will tell you why,  it’s because the words “I can’t” are not a part of my vocabulary. These words were taken from me the same day Brian was taken from me. Statements like “I cant do this”, “I don’t know how to make this happen” and “what’s going to become of us” were replaced with “I will do this,””I don’t know how I will make it work, but I’ll make it happen somehow” and “here I go, we’ll see where I land.”

Being a single parent, whether by death, divorce or just life’s circumstance, is tough and it takes courage to face each and every new day.  I have never thought of myself as brave, but I have faced my life, afraid or not, with the attitude that I will do it for them and for him. And of course, in all reality, I want to be a part of this incredible mission my family has tasked us with. I am honored to run for the MCSF and extremely proud to run with my children in the memory of their father and my husband.

So I will do this. Not sure how I will make it happen, but I will somehow, so here I go, and we’ll see if I make it to the finish line.