I love looking back at my past race pictures. There’s such a feeling of accomplishment when I see those stolen “proof” shots (what can I say? I was a broke post-college kid for most of my marathons). But this particular picture means so much to me.

It was taken at my second marathon, the race I finished with my brother, the first time we ran for the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation… but it’s more than that. It’s when I realized that my running could inspire other people.

You see, a year earlier at my first marathon, my brother had told me, “I’m going to run the next one with you.” And, honestly, I thought “Yeah right.” I didn’t think anyone would ever want to go through something so crazy with me. Especially my non-running little brother.

However. Not only did Kyle run the race with me, he helped me achieve a marathon PR.

And we ran the entire way together, even though his pace was about 2 minutes quicker than mine. And I just can’t thank him enough. Crossing the finish line that day is one of my favorite memories.

Knowing that I’ll cross the 10K finish line with my ENTIRE family this October? I can’t even imagine how amazing that will feel. Looking forward to it, you guys 🙂