It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, but it’s simply because the first few weeks of training were absolutely draining & challenging for me. It’s hard to not be frustrated with yourself when you just want to keep pushing, but every muscle in your body is aching and you’re mentally drained. I felt this way last week and I couldn’t help but take a few days off before I got back into the groove. This morning I had an amazing workout and I actually walked home from the gym. PROUD.

I realized that taking only three days off had an effect on my workout. Yet, I believe it is both mentally and physically healthy to give your body a rest. Especially when my St. Patty’s day weekend looked something like this:

But that also resulted in me looking like this on my first day back at the gym:

Quite embarrassing, I promise I don’t look like this on a good day. I was pooped! My feet hurt so badly after I ran for 2.5 miles that I had to take my shoes off and walk home in flip-flops with my shoes around my neck. However, my body felt amazing after such a hard workout.

Which brings me to my three main tips to get motivated to go to the gym, even when your excuses consist of: I’m hung over, I’m sleepy, or I have too much homework to do.

1. Make it social: Having a hard time convincing yourself that an evening run should be what you’re doing instead of spending time on the couch? It may be time to phone a friend.

2. Build up willpower: Exercising is all about consistency, for both seeing results and for making it an habitual part of your day. Fight the urge to skip out on a workout and bribe yourself with little rewards later.

3. Stay at home: If you feel like you just can’t motivate yourself to leave your house, don’t worry — there are still many things you can do in the comfort of your abode. And while you’re stretching or working on your strength, look over your textbooks for school. It helps to get your mind of off the pain.

Even though I came up with these tips, I’ve found that excuses are not a part of my lingo lately. I am going to run this 10K for Dad no matter how much effort and hard work I have to put into it. Today I can finally say that I am DETERMINED.