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Temperatures climbed as high as 89 degrees during Monday’s Boston Marathon and as many as 4,300  registered runners decided to skip the event. This has many people wondering, should the race have been rescheduled?

“Race organizers said more than 2,000 participants received some level of medical attention. Chris Troyanos, medical coordinator for the Boston Athletic Assn., said medical tents along the course treated some 800-1,200 more people than they do during a typical Boston Marathon. In addition, about 120 were taken to hospitals in ambulances.

Apparently, well-trained runners were taking ice baths before the race and dunking their heads into tubs of ice during the race.  A runner from Kenya beat the heat and the rest of the runners. “Wesley Korir took the men’s first-place title, claiming the first-place prize of $150,000. Korir finished in 2 hours, 12 minutes and 40 seconds.” ‘It was very important to me to take water, to take fluids, to hydrate as often as possible, even if it led to falling off the pace at times. It’s hot. Too hot. In case you don’t know that,’ Korir said after the race.”

I’m not sure how I feel about the race taking place in the heat, but I do know that I’m glad our team race is in October. What do you think?