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Our Athletic Beauty series continues! Erin recently shared her Girls on the Run themed post, and now I’ve got some summer beauty tips for all my fellow lady runners (or whatever you want to call yourselves).

Running in the heat can be tricky. Warmer weather means lighter running gear and more outdoor training runs, but it also means changing your routine to adapt to the elements.  Long runs in the sun can be damaging not only to your gorgeous skin, but to your hair, gear, and hydration levels. Stay cool (and beautiful) with some of my favorite tips:

1. Guard your face
Sunscreen is a MUST for outdoor runs in the summer.  You’ll need an SPF that’s sweat resistant and won’t burn if it runs in your eyes. I love Skin Ceutical’s Sport UV Defense and Aveeno HydroSport SPF 50.  Don’t forget about your shoulders, back and legs too.  Slather it on!

2. Protect your color
You probably aren’t thinking about your hair color when you’re doing a 15 mile run on Saturday, but maybe you should be.  Even if the sun is hiding behind the clouds, your hair is getting some major UV exposure.  Protect your color (and your scalp) with SPF infused spray.  My fave is Redken’s Color Extend Sun Solar Screen.

3. Keep Dry
I know, it’s tempting to rip off your shirt when the temps soar but, sometimes, a good tech-tee can keep you even cooler than running half naked.  Avoid cotton gear at all costs and go for tops and shorts made with a moisture-wicking fabric.  It will draw the sweat away from your body without soaking your shirt.  My “can’t-live-without-it” piece is Under Armor’s running singlet.

4. Smell Nice
Yep.  It’s gross.  More sweat means more smelling running clothes.  But it can be avoided.  Try using products infused with silver (which neutralizes odor-causing bacteria on contact…cool, right?)  SHUTOUT detergent uses silver to get moisture-wicking fabrics super clean, and Lululemon’s silver infused pieces stop odors before they even show up.

What else do you do to stay dry and looking naturally lovely during summer training runs?