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The NYC Marathon attracts more than 100,000 applicants each year. The race is so popular, participation is chosen partly by lottery system. This year, 45 countries are expected to be represented on the course that runs through the 5 boroughs of NYC. With so many out-of-town participants, I can’t help but think of all the runners that will have to show up without supporters 😦 . Luckily, the people at ASICS America teamed up with the trendy-Brooklyn web developers at Ashe Avenue and created the “Support Your Marathoner” campaign!


“Support Your Marathoner” makes it possible for individuals to show their support through personalized messages – via videos, images, social media, etc. On race day, the messages appear on JumboTron screens that are set up along the course. The messages are triggered by the runner’s RFID shoe tag, ensuring that the runner’s message gets played as he is passing the screen. Additionally, each runner receives his own runner page on the Support Your Marathoner website. The page displays all of the messages the runner has received. I  think this is so cool! Think of all the runners waking up on race morning and checking their pages 🙂

This year’s campaign website, which will feature new social media options, launched this morning! If you know a runner, or if you are a runner, check out the site www.supportyourmarathoner.com/

FOR SUPPORTERS: Go to supportyourmarathoner.com by November 5, and upload a motivational picture, video, or text message for a racer, including his or her name and home state or bib number. The system uses that info to synch with the runner’s timing chip; when he or she passes the sensor mats located 100 yards ahead of the 9- , 13- , and 22-mile markers, your well-wishes will pop up on a 40-foot video screen adjacent to the route. Unreal.

And yes, I realize they did this last year, but I’m just now learning about it and I’m excited. I hope other marathons pick this up ASAP.