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Last weekend, we all reunited in Virginia for horses, wine and flying…

Now, it’s Mother’s Day and we’re all spread out again. I knew mom would be bummed that we couldn’t all come home, so I sent her a few yoga classes. As mentioned in a previous post, I have recently become obsessed with hot yoga. Well, my obsession is only getting worse. Not only am I pushing yoga on my mother, but today I bought myself this:

My new Lulu Lemon yoga mat was only $28! Yes, you can get yoga mats for cheaper at a dozen other places, but this mat makes me so happy that I think it was worth the extra cash. It comes in 11 different colors and it has lines on it to help you adjust your body. Because I’m so excited about my new mat, and about getting my mom yoga classes rather than flowers, I’ve decided to focus today’s post on cross-training hot yoga style.

Local Yoga
If you live in Chapel Hill, I highly recommend you check out Lexy’s classes http://www.facebook.com/WhereShiftHappens. She’s not my friend, and I don’t benefit from encouraging people to attend (I actually hate full classes), so you can trust that I’m being honest when I say she is the best yoga instructor I’ve ever had. If you know me and you’re interested in trying out her class, please let me know and we can make it a yogi date! Bonus: after certain classes the group goes to the bar next door for half-priced wine and apps.

Why Yoga?
I don’t do yoga because of its ability to restore your body after a long run, or because it helps prevent injuries. I started going because I got a little bored of the treadmill in the winter, and I kept going because it feels great. I actually find it easier to explain things in lists so here are three things I love about yoga and three things I’m not so fond of.


1. Sweating – Plain and simple, I love to sweat it out.

2. Sleeping like a baby – On nights I do hot yoga I zonk out and I don’t wake up until the alarm clock goes off. This is unusual for me as I tend to wake up three to four times a night.

3. Flowing – Several years ago (good god I’m old), I went to Bikram yoga with my friend Kathleen. It was hard and it made me really hungry for Thai food, which didn’t do much for my body. Vinyasa hot yoga is much different. It’s more dance-like and it’s only 95 degrees – not 105+ degrees. I love when the instructor has a good playlist on and we are flowing through the movements. Other bonuses, the detoxifying twisting positions and the breathing.


1. My tight hips – If you’re a runner, your yoga instructor will know it. Unfortunately clocking all of those miles tightens up our hips. I hate looking around in half-pigeon and watching everyone else relax as I suffer. (I know, you aren’t supposed to look around at everyone else…it’s just you and your cute new mat.)

2. $$$ – yeah, the cost adds up. Luckily my instructor keeps us posted on upcoming deals. For instance, I know there is a Living Social deal coming up next month for 30 days of hot yoga at a discounted price. I’ll throw the link up when it goes live.

3. My tight hamstrings – Thanks again, running. I want to do gorilla pose without bending my knees. Oh, and I’d love to lose the block on all poses.

Well, that’s all for hot-yoga cross training. Let me know if you have questions! Namaste (can’t help but think of LOST) and Happy Mother’s Day!