Not only is my entire family turning out to be runners, over the last two years    of high school i have managed to some how becomes friends with the entire track team. While I love them all, they’re all crazy. Spending my Saturday doing 90 minute runs and core works outs doesn’t sound ideal. Yet some how they’ve convinced me to do Cross Country next year. I agreed because hey, i’m already running so why not and I know it will help me train. Training for cross country starts this week. My best friend Cassie (super runner) is going to help me! I’m so excited to be running with all my friends next year!  I went out and got new running shoes yesterday which took some careful contemplation and lots of advice from my track friends.

#1. Minimalist shoes are not good for new runners. I was interested in Nike Free Runs but because my muscles aren’t built up very much I needed a shoe with support so I don’t get injured.

#2. Running shoes are not a fashion statement. No matter how cute they are if they don’t fit don’t get them. You need a shoe that works for you. “Get the right ride for every stride”

I ended up getting a pair of Brooks “Launch” I can’t wait to try them out!