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“For fifty years, the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation has provided annual scholarships to students of Marines and Navy Corpsmen with attention to children who have lost a parent in action. Of the scholarship recipients, eighty-nine percent graduate from four-year institutions, forty-two percent pursue degrees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and many go on to public service careers, demonstrating the societal benefit of these awards.

Kathryn James, a Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation award recipient, will be attending East Carolina University in the fall. Kathryn, whose father, Major Brian James, died after his V-22 Osprey aircraft crashed into the Potomac River, says the scholarship gave her the opportunity to fulfill her father’s dream of his children attending college. “The Marine Corps has given me more than financial help, it has connected me with families and offered me support to accomplish my dad’s dream,” said Kathryn.

Margaret Davis, President and CEO, Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation, believes the Foundation’s success in fundraising despite the weak economy was due to its vast network of volunteers and donors involved over the past few decades, a strong board of directors with a commitment to the mission of the organization, and a dedicated professional staff team.” – via Philanthropy Journal

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