After setting an Olympic record in the women’s marathon this morning in 2:23:07, Tiki Gelana of Ethiopia shared her mindset with a reporter stating, “I said, ‘Oh wow, I’m not going to finish.’ “I just concentrated on running. All of a sudden I made it.”

It may sound weird, but I’m comforted by the fact that even the best struggle mentally and physically. At one point during the marathon, 24-year-old Tiki reached for her water bottle and collided with another runner. She fell to the ground, scraping her right elbow. But she kept going and she won. If only I had that stride…

I’d like to point out that our U.S. runners weren’t too far behind Tiki. Flanagan finished 10th in 2:25:51. Goucher finished 11th in 2:26:07. Mary Keitany of Kenya, who won the London Marathon in April, finished fourth in 2:23:56.

Other notable facts: 23 runners reached the halfway point at or near 1:13:13, and 11 women DNF.