About the Authors

Deanna, mother of the tribe. Runner level – stealthy improving. Believes Virginia is for wine lovers and enjoys a clean house. May not be a runner yet, but has power walked the heck out of some sidewalk in her day. Works full-time for the Marine Corps.


Christy, oldest child and first to create another generation of the tribe. Runner level – Advanced. Elon University graduate and trendsetter of the tribe. A southern lady living in the big city of Chicago. Writing, working and running full-time. Addicted to marathons, not-so-famous bands, Chicago restaurants, and Mark Twain. Click here to visit Christy’s MCSF fundraising page.


Erin, second oldest child in the James Tribe. Runner level – Intermediate Beginner. Graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill with a major in Journalism and a love for books. After a few years of working in PR, she’s headed back to school to earn her Master’s Degree. Click here to visit Erin’s MCSF fundraising page.


Kyle, middle child and only male heir of the James Tribe. Runner level – Advanced. Currently doing Teach for America in Memphis. A globetrotting, vegetarian marathon runner who constantly attempts to pull Jedi mind tricks on others.


Kathryn, aka “Kate” but not Katie, second youngest child of the tribe. Runner level – Uber Beginner, yo. Current college student studying to be a nurse. A true Pisces attempting to get used to being an “adult.” Will be training for the race and giving up smoking at the same time. Should be interesting.


Baylee, youngest child of the tribe. Running Level – Act One Beginners to the stage, please. Actress, Disney princess performer, singer. An optimistic, goofball high schooler (soon-to-be college freshman!) who truly embodies what it means to be an individual.


Brandon, married to tribe member Christy. Running Level – Beginner. Elon University graduate and music aficionado. Owner of both an unreal vinyl collection and an excellent sense of humor. Check out his music blog at bangbangslang.wordpress.com. 


5 thoughts on “About the Authors”

  1. I love this!!!!!
    momma =>

  2. Laurie Abeel said:

    I would have to say … quite an accurate picture of this Tribe!!

  3. Yay Brandon!

  4. Clint Nesmith said:

    I love your website and info on all the members. We look forward to having you run on our Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation Marathon Team again this year!

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